How We Judge

Judging Categories

Grades 1-3
Grades 4-6
Grades 7-8

Judging Criteria


Awards Presented

Best Overall Invention (Inventor of the Year)

Special Recognition given for:
Best Presentation
Best Idea
Best Prototype

Invention Convention 2014
Every participant receives an Invention Convention Certificate of Participation.
All entries are reviewed by a local panel of judges on August 12th at the RMSC. These judges include members of local patent law associations, scientists, educators and other professionals. Medals will be awarded. These judges will look at things such as:
Complexity: Does the invention show significant depth and attention to detail?
Innovation: Is this a pioneering invention or an incremental improvement?
Statement of problem: How well was the problem stated?
Statement of solution: How well does the solution address the problem statement?
Schematic Diagram: How effective was the diagram in illustrating the idea?
Invention Relevance:
Impact: How significant is the problem being solved?
Practicality: Could this invention be made into a working device?
Contribution: Does the invention solve a problem of importance to others?