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What is Invention Convention 2015?

Finger Lakes Invention Convention 2015 is designed to encourage scientific problem solving as well as to promote creative thinking in elementary and middle school age students. It is even more important to stress that thinking of a solution for a problem can also be fun and intriguing. Designing a new invention or a new process can be a valuable and an enjoyable way to develop skills of problem solving that can be used for years to come. Parents and teachers are urged to become involved and to help their students along the way in the invention process.

How can I get involved?

Visit our website at for information about the invention process and to download the Student Invention Entry/Disclosure Form. This form must be filled out and submitted in order to enter the Invention Convention by the deadline date of Tuesday, August 4, 2015.

The disclosure form may also be requested by contacting:
Rochester Museum & Science Center
657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

The form consists of two separate pages. Students may not submit more than one Student Invention Entry/Disclosure Form.
Once the disclosures have been submitted, participants are invited to build a display and model (prototype) of their invention for showing during the Finger Lakes Invention Convention, held on Tuesday, August 11 at the RMSC. At this ceremony, judges, including patent attorneys, local inventors, engineers and scientists, walk and talk to the students about their inventions. Entries are then reviewed by the panel of judges and an award ceremony follows.

We highly recommend that you start the invention process well in advance of this deadline.

Entering your student inventions:
Every student entering the competition must fill out their own Student Invention Entry/Disclosure Form which includes a description and sketch of their invention. It is important that the entry forms and drawings are as clear as possible. Presentation is an important part of the application since the judges will be more inclined to select an invention that is clear and understandable. Make sure that the Student Invention Entry/Disclosure Form is signed by a parent or guardian.

Please mail your completed form to:

Invention Convention 2015 Entries
Attn: Steve Nash
151 Collenton Dr.
Rochester, NY 14626