Young Inventors Log

A log is a diary and a record of your inventive thinking. It should include
everything that is related to your project. Every time you write in the log, you
should initial and date your entry and also have it signed by a witness. A
witness can be anyone who knows what you are working on that day – mom, dad, a
friend, a brother, a sister, etc. The list below includes some of the items that might
be recorded in your log. You will think of others. Remember, every time you work
on your project or just think about your idea, you should record it in your
inventor’s log or notebook.
1) Books, films, DVDs, places and things to see/observe:
2) Other references including Websites:
3) People:
Results of Interviews:
Results of Surveys:
Ideas for Inventions (notice these are plural and should include alternatives):
Possible Solutions (include pros and cons):
1) What am I going to invent?
2) What steps will I need to take? (this is also called the process)
3) What materials will I need? Include special equipment such as a camera, tape
recorder, construction materials, etc.
4) What will the materials cost?
5) What problems might occur?
6) How will I present my project?
? What form will it take?
7) Your results – How did the plan work? Were any modifications needed?
Drawings of Possible Solutions:
Other Notes:

Click here to download a printable Young Inventors Log Form.